Frequently Asked Questions

What am I entitled to as a member of SANITI?

You are entitled to receive representation and advocacy on all issues relating to your course of study. SANITI also provides support & wellbeing, events and employment services. 

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Where are you located?

Nelson Campus: Student Centre, N-Block

Richmond Campus: Student Centre, B Block

Marlborough Campus: Student Hub, J-Block (Room 8) 

Woodbourne Campus: Aviation Building (Room 123)

Who do I contact if I need assistance?

Phone SANITI on (03) 546 2425 or email You can also use our ‘contact us‘ page.

If I am not based in Nelson, how can I still receive assistance from SANITI?

SANITI has resources allocated to supporting students who are on other campuses or are studying away from Nelson. If you cannot visit us, reach out via phone on (03) 546 2425 or email

If I am a part-time student am I still eligible for SANITI services?

YES! All students enrolled through NMIT are eligible to use SANITI services.

Why should I come to SANITI for assistance?

Because we offer FREE Independent, confidential advice. The Association has 21 years experience working with student issues, and has an in-depth knowledge of NMIT policies and procedures from Academic Appeals to Serious Misconduct.

I am not happy with my tutor, what can I do?

Contact your Programme Area Leader. If you don’t know who they are, ask at your school reception. Still having issues, or want some support contact us.

My class had been cancelled and I want to complain, how do I do it?

Contact your Programme Area Leader. If you don’t know who they are, ask at your Programme Reception. If you’re still having issues or want some support contact us.

I feel I am being bullied/harassed by another student; can you help me?

Yes, contact us. NMIT has a harassment policy (Harassment policy) available online at We can support you through the process.

I got a poor mark for an assignment, is it possible to get it reassessed?

Depends on the course. Refer to your course regulations (you should have been given them as part of your handbook) or ask your tutor or Programme Leader. Still having issues or want some support contact us.

I have been accused of plagiarism, how can you support me?

SANITI has support people who are knowledgeable about NMIT policies and procedures. Contact us and we can provide information or support you through the process.

I missed a test can I re-sit it? What are my options?

Approach your tutor first, if you have a genuine reason for missing the test or a medical certificate a re-sit may be an option. Other options may be available, speak to your tutor or Programme Area Leader. Still having issues or want some support contact us.

I have no money and I can’t pay my bills, can you help me?

There may be a number of avenues available through Studylink, WINZ, SANITI’s own hardship system or community agencies. Contact us and we can assist you.

I’m struggling, stressed and in danger of failing my course, what should I do?

NMIT offers three free counselling sessions to students (nationwide) through ‘OCP’. Call 0800 377 990 to make an appointment (you will need your NMIT Student ID number). Want some support contact us.

Our landlord is trying to kick us out, what should we do?

Try contacting the Tenancy Services 0800 83 6262. Still having issues or want some support contact us.

I am having trouble finding childcare, what can I do?

There may be options through Campus Corner located on NMIT’s Nelson Campus. You can contact them directly on 03 548 0104 or through the NMIT Learner Journey Team. Other options may be available through WINZ, Barnardos or Oscar. Contact us for more information.

I don’t want to have a SANITI membership.

All enrolled NMIT students are members of SANITI for FREE! If you do not wish to be a member of SANITI, you can opt out by emailing the President at

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