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All NMIT enrolled students are represented through SANITI’s governance structure. Students are at the centre and have a voice through Programme Representatives, Student Executive, Student President, Advisory Boards and SANITI staff members.

  • Student
    That’s YOU! Students are at the centre because they decide the direction of the association.
  • Programme Reps
    Students provide feedback through Programme Representatives for their class.
  • Student Executive
    Elected to govern SANITI and shape the direction of the association to reflect the priorities of the student body.
  • Student President
    Represents students through advisory boards, committees and chairs the Student Executive.
  • Advisory Board
    Provides oversight and advice to the SANITI Executive and General Manager.
  • Staff
    Employed to deliver the operational side of the Service Level Agreement. This includes events, employment services, support & advocacy and international activities.

Programme Reps

Programme Reps is a joint venture between SANITI and NMIT providing students with a structure to have their voice heard. There are over 80 representatives on Nelson & Richmond campus and over 20 on Marlborough & Woodbourne Campuses.

To find out when the next Programme Rep meeting is for your campus see Upcoming Meetings.

Programme Rep contact:

Get involved as a Programme Rep!

If you would like to be involved and provide feedback as a representative for your class, please contact the Student President on or fill out a nomination form HERE!

For more information download the 2023 Programme Rep booklet:


The Student Executive consists of the Student President, the Vice-President and up to 8 students from across NMIT campuses, elected at General Meetings.

The Student President heads the representational structure at SANITI and is the official spokesperson for the student voice. The Student President is also a Director on NMIT Council and supports individual students in a representative role. The President reports to the Student Executive and provides feedback to students through the SANITI Executive meeting minutes and General Meeting reports. The Student Executive guides the Strategic Plan and budget which are presented to students at the two General Meetings.

Get involved in the Student Executive!

If you would like to be part of driving SANITI’s direction as a Student Executive member, please contact the Student President on

For more information and to fill out the nomination form download the 2024 Student Executive booklet:

Upcoming Meetings

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Woodbourne Prog Rep Meeting

Mon, 5th Aug 2024 - 9:30am

Woodbourne Campus

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Marlborough Prog Rep Meeting

Mon, 5th Aug 2024 - 12:00pm

Marlborough Campus

Web Square Graphic July3

Nelson Prog Rep Meeting

Tue, 6th Aug 2024 - 12:00pm

Nelson Campus

Web Square Graphic July4

Richmond Prog Rep Meeting

Wed, 7th Aug 2024 - 12:00pm

Richmond Campus

Web Square Graphic July5

Zoom Prog Rep Meeting

Thu, 8th Aug 2024 - 6:00pm