Financing your study

There are different avenues you can look at to fund your study including Studylink, Scholarships, WINZ support and finding part-time work. SANITI is available to assist you along the way.


StudyLink provides funding for study in New Zealand. Funding can be provided (depending on your situation) for the compulsory fees attached to your course, the living costs while studying as well as limited course related costs.

To apply online you will need:

  • RealMe login or RealMe Verified Identity
  • Your IRD number
  • Your bank account details (verified bank statement)
  • Your email address
  • The name of education provider(s) you will be studying at
  • Approximate course start and end dates
  • If under 24, you will need to provide proof of your parents income for your allowance and loan application

Making an application for a Student Loan or Allowance

  1. In order to see if you are eligible, take the StudyLink eligibility test online.
  2. Start application process/apply online.
  3. You should receive a letter from StudyLink including your client number, the status of your application and other forms that need to be completed. They may ask for additional or corrected information and will provide a list of documents you will need to send in to support your application. If you are completing a Student Loan your contract should be mailed to your postal address, you will need to sign and scan this back to StudyLink using Connect.
  4. Gather your supporting documents and make sure these are verified copies of the original, you can do this free of charge at your local district court. 
  5. Log into StudyLink using your RealMe identity (if you don’t have one, follow the process below).
  6. Once everything is submitted, StudyLink should send you a letter approving or declining your application.
  7. Once everything has been confirmed your payments will start. If you want help with this process, contact Jaycob or Kate, or pop in to see us.


RealMe is an online identity that you need for accessing government services such as StudyLink, Internal Affairs and the electoral commission.

To create a RealMe account you need to:

  • Have a valid email address
  • Provide a valid mobile number as well as alternative contact
  • Create a password
  • Choose and answer three security questions

To verify your RealMe:

  • Login to RealMe, select verify your identity and agree to the terms and conditions
  • From the four options, select your application type
    • Passport
    • Citizenship certificate
    • Immigration document
    • Birth details
  • Submit application
  • Application number will be presented to you on screen and sent via email
  • The email will list any additional documents you need to take to the photo store
  • Take your application number to a participating photo store in your region within 14 days to get your FREE photo taken
  • You should be contacted within 10-15 working days to confirm if your identity is verified


Connect is a service where you can electronically lodge documentation with government departments such as StudyLink and Internal Affairs.

  • Log in using RealMe
  • Confirm your email address
  • Fill out required fields
  • Download scanned copies for documents


Scholarships are a great way to reduce study costs, there are a range of scholarships available each year with applications at the end and start of the year.

Have a look at the scholarships available through NMIT.

If you want help with your application, contact us.